6 ways to sell your core automotive parts to Premier Components

Our company has a very comprehensive range of core products in stock including many late models and the supply of used parts into our business is supported by our unique web based purchasing system that has the ability to target buy to satisfy specific customer requirements.

1. Via a buyer visit

Our buyer/s can visit your facility to carry out an assessment of the used cores you have and will sort, quote and arrange payment once prices are agreed

Contact Our Purchase Team

2. Via sending your cores to Premier Components

Depending on the volume or your location, some suppliers may prefer to send their cores to Premier for us to assess onsite. Following the full assessment Premier will quote and payment will be made as soon as the prices have been agreed

Send Your Cores To Us

3. ELVPP (end of life vehicle parts partnership)

For vehicle dismantlers this is the normally preferred choice for selling your cores to Premier. As one of our ELVPP partners you will have online access and support to our bespoke dismantler system. A search will return the result of products that we require with a price attached. “It’s like having one of our own buyers with you at all times”

ELVPP Exclusive Partnership

4. Stock offers / electronic purchase

Rebuilders, brokers or suppliers may prefer to send Premier their stock list. Premier has the facilities to process any core offerings quickly and respond accordingly

Send your OEM Stocklist

5. Send your Product Images

This facility allows a potential supplier to send Premier images of any parts that they may have to sell. This is particularly the case for bulk items and mixed pallets of used core parts. A member of our purchase team will follow up and contact the supplier for more information

Email, Upload or WhatsApp

6. Bespoke Electronic Purchasing

For established partners/core suppliers there is the potential for them to have access to our innovative electronic purchasing app. The tool is uniquely designed to reduce lead time and speed up the entire purchase process for the benefit of both parties. The use of the tool is subject to Premiers terms and conditions of use.

Premier Purchase App

Premier components purchase my old surplus stock quarterly, it's always a smooth transaction. They're a pleasure to deal with.

Abdul, Dismantler


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