How to Protect Your Windscreen this Winter

петак, новембар 15, 2019

November is now upon us and, as expected, the temperature in the United Kingdom is plummeting faster than a Pagani Huayra. As the Wintery frost approaches, we all know to check our tyres and brakes are in good order, but one important thing that often gets forgotten about is your vehicle’s windscreen. Damaged windscreen glass is not only expensive to replace, but it can also obscure your vision when driving, which can potentially lead to a traffic collision. To help protect your windscreen this Winter, we’ve put together our top 5 tips for the inevitable defrosting process:
1. Check your windscreen for damage ahead of time – prevention is always better than cure, so ahead of the Winter months, keep an eye on your windscreen for any signs of damage and get any issues resolved by a professional. If you have a small crack or a chip in the glass which has gone unnoticed, water can get into these gaps and then expand as it freezes, worsening the damage and increasing your costs for repair. 
2. Remove as much ice and snow as you can with a scraper – if there is a build-up of ice or snow on your windscreen, make sure to scrape off as much of it as you can with a car-specific scraper. Don’t put on your windscreen wipers until the bulk of it has been removed, as turning them on prematurely can cause damage to your wiper blades.
3. Never use hot or boiling water – using hot or boiling water may seem like a good idea to speed up the defrosting process but doing this creates a sudden change in temperature which can cause your windscreen glass to crack. Instead opt for cool or lukewarm water. If you are in a rush, you can also use a quality de-icing spray to speed up the process.
4. Slowly increase your vehicle’s inside temperature – this not only helps to speed up the defrosting process, but it helps to warm up the air inside the car for you before you set off. Please note though, that you must never leave a running car unattended.
5. Leave enough time for the process – during the cold weather months, ensure that you allow enough time to allow for the process of defrosting your vehicle, driving a car with a windscreen obscured by snow or ice can impair your vision and put you at a heightened risk of being involved in a collision.

For further information and advice on how to keep yourself safe on the roads this Winter please click here.

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